The Impact a Golf Cart Takes on the Course will Shock You!


“I love it, but it damn well better not fall off.” This is feedback we heard from a golfer who saw the Ready Clip Pro for the first time. He was worried about his rangefinder falling off the cart because he either hit a large bump or took a turn too fast. We decided that word of the mouth isn't enough evidence and that we would provide analytical data that shows how well our product works.

If you don’t already know what the Ready Clip Pro is here is a link to the product page. To summarize, The Ready Clip Pro features magnets to allow attaching a rangefinder to any magnetic surface on a golf cart. We realized that testing the magnets would provide a unique opportunity to see how much impact force a golf cart takes on the course. We rigged up weights to the Ready Clip Pro that went on the frame of the golf cart to simulate the weight of the rangefinder. We did this so we wouldn’t put the gadget at risk for the first test. On the opposite frame we attached a data logger that records G Force. We chose a course that consisted of many hills and pretty serious terrain that would produce good numbers. We just didn’t expect how good.


G Force

Front to Back


Side to Side


Up and Down


 The max impacts that we got were pretty incredible. 9 G’s is way more than we expected. For example a F1 race car can produce a max G Force of about 6.5. The best part about it is that the Ready Clip Pro didn’t move at all throughout the test even with weight that was heavier than the rangefinder itself. Now It’s important to note that I was driving the cart all over the course and not just on cart path. 


We learned a lot from this test and we’re happy that the Ready Clip Pro held up like we knew it would. The data gathered from the G Force logger really showed us that we made the right choice in selecting the types of magnets to ensure that a customer’s rangefinder won’t take a unexpected trip all over the golf course.

Make sure to check out our website Product12 to find out more information about what we do and our products. If you found this post interesting but you never use a golf cart… Well good news! We have another product that is perfect for you called the Ready Clip. It is the same thing as the Pro version just without magnets.



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